Smart Village App

Citizn Application. Rent Village keep, Pay Taxi & Bus tickets, Start Recycling, buy village Handy Crafts .

some of City & village services:

below introduce some of services about Smart village.

taxies panel

add taxi lines include taxi stations and line route. manage taxi drivers and view online taxies in map.

Trash Recycling

Define trash types for recycling contractors and observe their opration.

bus managment panel

manage bus lines, drivers , broadcast live location of buses .

online people answering

An online solution to answer people and share common issues to others in social way.


Custom Designs Gps for tracking cars with server store location

AVL system

Good solution for monitoring vehicles

a view of panel and application

below pictures are some snapshots of this system.

Smart village advantages for people

these are some of app features for users and more features can access in app.

Online Bus

Online bus location and notify if a bus is around you, pay ticket price by QR code.

Online line taxies

View taxi lines and taxi location ordering by lines and pay taxi price by QR code.


Buy Villages Handy Craft from ever where in iran and introduce with each place Handy Craft

Tourism attractions

See Tourism attractions, nearest Shop and residencyby your location around you.

Trash Recycling

seperate dry trash in home and request for collecting in app and take score.

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از طریق ارتباط آنلاین بین مردم و مسولین مشکلات خود را برطرف کنید.

Partner companies

Municipalities, government agencies such as taxis and buses, and private and semi-private organizations.

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